Hi, I'm Highlyte. The creator of Highlyte Your Life Brand. Welcome to my website thank you for visiting

 I've always have had a passion to impact and change the world. But after thirteen years of pursuing my career, I wasn't happy and was willing to risk everything to change that.

  I challenge normalcy and to move into a position that was aligned with my true self.  I took a leap, I moved on and relocated to create HYL Brand.

I felt scared to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself toward a new dream. But change takes change.

I felt that I could use designs to help push others towards their own personal greatness. 

Highlyte is my nickname for a reason. I used it as apart of my brand name because it's  apart of who I am and I want to share that in a greater way. 

This is the beginning of new experiences, I'm regretting nothing, just looking forward excited for the future.

Thanks for reading 


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